Your Good Work Habits Toolbox: Crafting the Skills Now That Will Transform Your Career and Elevate Your Organizational Value

We gain fundamental knowledge in our future jobs in school, but another set of easily overlooked skills is just as vital when building a meaningful career in whatever field you enter. Tech entrepreneur Beck Besecker calls them good work habits—and the toolbox you’re holding includes thirty years’ worth he’s accumulated. Good work habits are systems we all need to successfully integrate into the workplace to orient ourselves, collaborate and communicate effectively, and function well with others. These timeless tips are just as essential in the new workplace, and Besecker includes remote applications for them since hybrid and home-office situations often make personal growth more difficult than before.

Like any toolbox, you’ll find this one includes the essentials . . . tried-and-true techniques, frameworks, and advice. Some you may only use for specialized purposes, while others you’ll bring out regularly. Your Good Work Habits Toolbox is an essential asset to guide you in your own career and as you lead others. Start filling Your Good Work Habits Toolbox now.

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Beck Besecker

Tech Entrepreneur, Chief Culture Officer, Speaker

From being founding CEO at a tech startup in the early days of the internet browser that was acquired by a multinational Fortune 500 company, to heading innovation for a public company transitioning to the private sector, to founding another tech startup at the forefront of augmented and virtual reality, Beck Besecker has worked with companies at all stages of growth and managed thousands of employees. He believes creating jobs is among the highest of callings, as jobs give purpose and meaning, allow people to support their families, and, if done well, create a virtuous circle of development and mentorship that keeps our communities and country thriving. Beck grew up as a farmer in Darke County, Ohio, and is blessed with a strong work ethic, supportive family, and entrepreneurial spirit.