The Informational Interview Playbook: Creating a Path to Achieve Your Career Goals

Hundreds of books are devoted to complex formulas and theories about career advancement, self-improvement, and achieving success.

NFLPA-certified sports agent Henry Organ keeps it simple. In The Informational Interview Playbook, he provides the strategies to master the one tactic you need to reach your highest professional potential.

Through personal experience, including co-founding Disruptive Sports Agency, and networking extensively in the business and sport worlds, Organ has found the informational interview to be the single best way to prepare for and prioritize your goals.

In addition to advocating for players on and off the field, Organ is a seasoned real estate investor and entrepreneur. Previously, he worked in brand management and strategic marketing at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Nike Football, and was producer and technical director at Heart and Hustle Productions.

When you implement his plan, outlined in detail here and ready to apply immediately, you learn the value of getting curious, aiming for excellence, and embracing a winning mindset. Whether you are in your first job out of college with ambitious dreams, are considering a career transition, or are an executive who wants to help your people gain the tools they need to give their best for the organization and their lives, The Informational Interview Playbook is a must for your library.

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Henry Organ

NFLPA Agent and Founder of Disruptive Sports Agency

Henry Organ is an NFLPA Certified Sports Agent who represents some of the most notable names in football. In addition to advocating for players on and off the field, Henry is a seasoned real estate investor. Previously, Henry worked in marketing at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Nike Football. Henry Organ graduated from Portland State with a degree in communications and a minor in business and obtained his master’s in sports management from the University of San Francisco. Henry attributes the majority of his early success to mastering the informational interview early in his career.