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Stanley Saint-Louis

Virtual Communications Technology Expert

Stan’s passion for virtual training started at Sanofi while working in the training department. When the H1N1 flu outbreak hit in 2009, he forged forward and created an innovative way to help learners become experts on their newly launched product virtually—a company first! Since those days, Stan has committed himself to helping hundreds of trainers and thousands of learners have awesome experiences virtually that may not have happened otherwise. Stan is highly passionate about learning and development and is proud to have taken part in creating this playbook.

The Virtual Events Playbook

In the current year and beyond, virtual event technology is essential to the survival of businesses worldwide. As we learn to balance the logistical impact of information sessions, live meetings, and training events, our success depends on mastering live, online conversations—from any location on the planet.

This book is your guide to effectively using online event platforms and tools. Written by three seasoned virtual event experts, The Virtual Events Playbook will guide you in becoming an expert presenter, meeting leader/facilitator, or trainer.

Now more than ever, mastery of virtual events is a key component of the new normal in business. Whether you’re facing the realities of the COVID-19 outbreak or looking to optimize your team’s use of time and resources (or both), this book is a must-read for business communicators.

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