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Robert Webber

CEO, Harp Renewables

Robert I. Webber is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience serving as CEO and CFO for small-to-midsize companies in the renewable energy, resort operations, and technology industries, primarily in California and Hawaii. Earlier in his career, he served Fortune 500 companies as a consultant with McKinsey, and as a corporate and securities lawyer with Skadden, Arps. Webber currently serves as Vice President of Business Development and Head of Hydrogen for Avantus, LLC, a utility-scale solar PV company.

He is married with three children, and his daughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in- law are bestselling authors of books for children and young adults. He and his wife, Nora, enjoy travel, binging British crime dramas, fitness, church service, and keeping up with their grandchildren. 

Webber holds a BA degree from BYU, a JD from Columbia Law School, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Daily Dose of Business

365 Days of Insights to Drive Success in Work and Life

Daily Dose of Business is an MBA in a box, chock-full of wisdom from some of the most successful business minds and well-known leaders from centuries ago up to the present. You will receive insights to enhance your leadership skills over 365 days. 

Curated by McKinsey consultant, corporate lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and public company CEO Robert I. Webber, Daily Dose of Business includes more than 1,500 quotes, excerpts, and case studies structured around the six core areas in the esteemed Harvard Business School curriculum. The compilation is an easily digestible capsule of essential business and leadership concepts that will elevate and educate.

The format is ideal for busy executives and aspiring professionals who strive for a more impactful work experience, creatively interact with colleagues, and access the finest thinking on business and success from some of humanity’s greatest achievers.

Webber spent more than thirty years collecting these inspirational words—including some from leaders he has worked with and learned from directly. In one place, you can receive and put into practice that knowledge one day at a time. Then, you can return repeatedly for sparks of insight while you take part in the busy day-to-day grind that are all part of life as a leader.

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