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Dr. Robert T. Sicora

Employee Engagement and Organization Performance Expert

Dr. Robert T. Sicora, founder of Sicora Consulting and creator of Leading from the Helm, is a recognized organization development and human resources thought leader, consultant, facilitator, and speaker. He brings more than thirty years of experience in business and consulting to his practice and has helped thousands of employees and leaders rediscover themselves and their organizations with his four main programs: Leading from the Helm, Discover the Leader Within, 8 Factors of Engagement, and Purposeful Culture of Trust. With a background in strategic human resources, organization development, and process management, Dr. Sicora has successfully delivered results in multiple industries, including for-profit, nonprofit, academic, and government agencies, and small-, medium-, and large-growth companies. Specializing in strategy, organizational culture, trust, employee engagement, leadership development, and team effectiveness, Dr. Sicora’s aim is to provide every individual, team, organization, and community with a holistic and unique perspective on how to transform themselves and grow to their full individual and collective potential.
Publication Date:November 11, 2020

Grab the Helm

Navigating with Purpose Charting a Course through Life’s Journey

In Grab the Helm, you‘ll learn the skills to take command of the moment and the life you were called to lead. You‘ll gain the insights and confidence to grab hold of the life you want and make a lasting impact on your team and organization. This transformative journey begins by asking yourself a simple yet profound question:

What is my purpose?
The answer will emerge as you work through the eight spokes of the author‘s Leading from the Helm model:

  • Purpose/Strategy
  • Self-Awareness/Leadership
  • Values/Culture
  • Crew/Team
  • Passion/Engagement
  • Talent/Process
  • Opportunity/Customer
  • Impact/Results

As you navigate this book, the focus will be on your unique individual helm. To gain a holistic understanding of its potential, you will also explore how this model works within the framework of a team, organization, group, and community. Using a collection of modern-day fables and proven, research-based techniques, Grab the Helm will give you the direction, clarity, and inspiration you need to chart a purposeful course through life‘s journey.

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