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Raj Sharma

Managing Director, Merrill Private Wealth Management

With more than thirty years of wealth management experience, Raj Sharma is one of America’s top financial advisors. Before joining Merrill Lynch in 1987, Raj worked for twelve years as a financial analyst, management executive, media specialist, and—during his college years—as a radio DJ.

Thoughtful and analytical, with an excellent understanding of global economics and financial markets, Raj has received numerous industry designations. He has been inducted into Barron’s Hall of Fame, having been named one of America’s top one hundred financial advisors consecutively since the year 2004. In 2022, both Barron’s and Forbes ranked Raj as the number one advisor in Massachusetts. Forbes also named him one of America’s top wealth advisors from 2016–2022. Most recently, Barron’s featured the Sharma Group among the country’s top fifty private wealth teams from 2020–2022. Additionally, Raj was named to the Financial Times’ top four hundred financial advisors from 2013–2021.

Passionate about giving back to the community and the world, Raj is active in several local and global organizations involved with global poverty alleviation, youth leadership, and empowerment through education and inclusion. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four children. He enjoys traveling, music, hiking, art, and tennis.


The Purposeful Wealth Advisor

How to Build a Rewarding Career While Helping Clients Achieve Their Dreams

There are gaps to be filled in the wealth management industry….and you can make the difference. Talking about money is taboo in many families, for many reasons. This lack of transparency spells opportunity for the wealth manager who can offer sane, sound, and practical advice for handling money successfully. 

However, many wealth management firms aren’t representative of the people they serve. Most focus too narrowly on the ultrawealthy, and the business as a whole isn’t as diverse as the United States—and it should be. There’s a world of opportunity in the financial advisory business, particularly for young women and people of color. Up until now, the advisory business has been poorly understood, which has led to undesired barriers to entry.

For the right person—someone who is entrepreneurial, loves people, and wants to build a business from the ground up—wealth management is one of the most exciting professions to be in. You’re your own boss, and there’s no ceiling on your income. 

Raj Sharma knows this better than anyone. One of the most well-respected advisors in the U.S., Raj has cultivated his business over the past thirty years. An insightful culmination of his decades of experience, The Purposeful Wealth Advisor shows you how to get started in the business of wealth management, thrive as you build your client base, own your financial security, and inspire your future.

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