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Priya Nalkur

DEI Executive and Leadership Coach

Dr. Priya Nalkur is the president of the RoundTable Institute, a research and coaching firm dedicated to developing inclusive leaders, communities, and workplaces. She is the creator of the JEDI Leadership Development Series,© a training program that has helped thousands of leaders around the world realize their leadership potential. A Harvard- and Yale-educated psychologist, she is an expert in dialogue, facilitation, motivation, and coaching. Priya finds inspiration in her fearless girlfriends, long hikes and mountain climbs, kitchen dance parties with her two children, and beautiful, adventurous writing.

Publication Date:April 16, 2024

Stumbling Towards Inclusion

Finding Grace in Imperfect Leadership

Using experiences culled from working with hundreds of organizations and C-Suite executives, Dr. Priya Nalkur proposes that most leaders want to promote DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives—but they don’t know how to chart their way through the nuanced, complex topics. Confronting head-on these anxieties about saying the right words or getting things wrong, Nalkur compresses her wisdom and ideas from years of coaching in a way that is accessible, empathetic, and just as concerned with the individual as with systemic issues.

Presenting a rubric of usable, pragmatic touchpoints and vignettes, Nalkur blends personal history, the social sciences, and leadership in order to speak to both allies and those in historically underrepresented groups. This judgment-free space allows all readers a place of grace and a seat at the table. Ultimately, Stumbling Towards Inclusion tackles the hard stuff without accusation, and always with the intent of opening hearts and minds for positive social advancement.

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