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Patricia Bathory

Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, and Speaker

As a psychotherapist and the founder and general manager of an import/export business, Patricia Bathory, MBA, MACP, CCC, has a blend of experience that gives her unique insight into the personal and professional challenges that entrepreneurs and leaders face every day.

For the past eight years, in addition to running her trading business and seeing clients, Patricia has been researching and

studying interpersonal dynamics, including how our relationships directly affect our ability to succeed in business and in life. She believes that by improving our relationship skills and strengthening our connections, we position ourselves to make a lasting impact.

Patricia has master’s degrees in business administration and counseling psychology and advanced training in psychoanalysis and family and group dynamics. She was born in Brazil, educated in Canada, and has family in the United States—so she lives here, there, and everywhere.

Publication Date:April 2, 2024


Building Relationships to Achieve Success and Make a Lasting Impact

If you aren’t enjoying as much success as you envision, whether in love, business, or life in general, the problem might be your relationships. In Connected, Patricia Bathory reveals the importance of building a strong network of relationships (our village) to support us as we pursue our dreams. Drawing from her business experience, research into successful people’s relationships, and therapy practice, she shows readers how to master the art of connecting to lead healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives. 

Patricia brings the latest scientific research to life with engaging stories about real people who illustrate that the road to success is paved with relationships that are built on authenticity and trust. She offers new ways to resolve age-old relationship problems with humility, curiosity, and greater self-awareness, and explains how to bridge compatibility gaps and navigate the space between others’ actions and your response. 

This inspirational and eye-opening book will give you the insights and practical advice to develop strong connections so you can achieve your definition of success and making a meaningful difference in your world, and even the world.

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