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Kim Norman

Motivational Speaker, Business Owner, Teacher, and Life Coach

Kimberly (Kim or Kimmy) Anne Norman is a born teacher, author, entrepreneur, coach, traveler, and cook. She has lived a life of tears, tragedy, and triumph—from creating championship teams and successful companies that win, to pushing the envelope too far and experiencing heartbreaking failure.

The list goes on, but the trials and blessings have molded Kimmy into a firm believer that all souls can and do survive hard things. They learn that creating a humble gratitude for the tender mercies of life is essential. Her love for the art of communication sparks her passion to help others find their sole purpose in life: to be honest, vulnerable, and willing to connect while always seeking the Source of pure love and forgiveness.

Born in Moab, Utah, Kimmy was raised by parents who taught her the value of service to others and the ability to dream larger than the Universe. Her father, an exploration geologist, and mother, a Girl Scout leader and community advocate, enlightened her childhood through the principles of hard work, generosity, responsibility, and kindness to all in the community. She seeks to pass on this same wisdom to her readers through the stories, lessons, and recipes weaved throughout this book.

With over thirty years of experience coaching volleyball at the highest levels of the game, Kimmy has taught her teams that if they were not bonded, they would not battle. As a coach, educator, and entrepreneur, she brought the lesson of connection on and off the court, establishing three nonprofit organizations designed to serve women’s empowerment through sports, leadership, and solid business principals. Kimmy continues to mentor people to believe in themselves, each other, and that anything is possible. She has coached Olympic athletes, mothers, doctors, attorneys, a Miss America runner up, and so many others. Each of them is a woman of power who is serving and leading with the same leadership values.

After completing her life-coaching certification, Kimmy began speaking and teaching on personal journeys, blending her career in education, sports, and our human spirit into the Empowerment Journey. Today, Kimmy is an international speaker and executive coach, guiding high achievers in connecting with their own Source and light to live and lead in their truth. The cornerstone of her life-coaching philosophy is her 5 Pillar (SOULS) system, which teaches people how to live their best lives through five steps, called Seeking Opportunities to Unleash Leadership Success.

Through the words written within these pages, Kimmy wishes to guide her readers to find the balance within your body, heart, mind, life, and soul. A believer in God and the Universal Power of Being, she invites us all to live by the parable of, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Publication Date:January 3, 2023

Our Soul’s Journey

Empowering Wisdom to Live Your Best Life

Our Soul’s Journey is a teaching memoir based on the life of author Kim Norman—a professional volleyball coach and teacher, author, speaker, executive coach, and entrepreneur—who found source, self, and soul in the midst of darkness. This four-part book guides readers through a self-help journey to empowerment through body, heart, mind, and soul. Kim draws on her experience of coaching through encouragement and enduring struggle to teach readers how to win the championship called “your best life.”

If you or somebody you know has ever felt the overwhelming weight of despair, you will find comfort in this book. These pages contain little tricks to understand your own journey and know how to not only feel your pain, but to also use it to grow stronger, braver, and better than before.

Kim is a firm believer that all souls can survive hard things and learn to create a humble gratitude for the tender mercies of life. Her love for the art of communication sparked her journey to help others find their soul’s purpose in life; to be honest, vulnerable, and willing to connect; and to always seek the source of pure love and forgiveness.

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