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John S. Pennington Jr.

Co-founder of a $28 Billion Family of Investment Funds

John S. Pennington Jr., in 2008, co-founded a family of private equity funds that by the time of his retirement – grew to well over $28 billion in AUM. During his tenure and before obtaining partner emeritus status, he served on the board of directors, held signing authority on over 1,200 bank accounts as the deputy chief financial officer, was president of over 100 corporations, was the Anti-Money Laundering Officer for all Cayman Islands feeder funds and oversaw all U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory requirements as chief compliance officer. In 2021, he retired with the company listed on the NYSE.

In 2004 and 2007 – John co-founded Bridge Loan Capital Funds I and II.

In 1988, he earned a degree from the University of Utah in economics. John and his wife, Jane, have three sons, two daughters-in-law, with five grandchildren and have been married for over thirty-eight years.


Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin

The Fed’s Hidden Agenda and How to Profit from It

There’s a secret war going on for the future of money. The United States government— as it has for generations—is winning. And you can too.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve more than one hundred years ago, the American dollar has become the most successful product of all time and the language of commerce for the planet. From the Gold Reserve Act to Bretton Woods to the petrodollar and beyond, the U.S. has ridden the waves of historical transformation to stay on top.

The next big change has become clear—digital currency. And the U.S. government’s plan to control the rise of Bitcoin as well as the currencies of the BRICS countries is already in motion. Over three decades—including the 2008 real estate collapse and the 2020 pandemic—investor John S. Pennington Jr. has studied how the Fed’s marketing formula promotes and protects its number one product by creating insatiable demand.

In this provocative book, Pennington explains how he incorporated these strategies by starting his career selling used blue jeans and ending up co-founding a $28 billion family of investment funds.

Dollars, Gold, and Bitcoin not only reveals the hidden agenda of the world’s most powerful bank. It will also change how you think, problem-solve, and incorporate critical thinking as it provides a handbook for making billion-dollar decisions that can take your life and business to the next level.

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