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Jim Doyle

Sales Trainer

Jim Doyle loves to sell. More importantly, Jim wants others to love to sell. For the past thirty years, Jim has helped salespeople make more money, serve their clients better, and find more joy in their sales careers. From his early days as a car salesman to founding JDA.media in 1991, Jim’s path has been nothing short of interesting and rewarding. In Selling with a Servant Heart, Jim outlines ten lessons that lead to increased joy and income. Applicable across industries, his knowledge will reposition a sales attitude to reflect that of a servant, ultimately revealing better results and a deeper appreciation for the art of selling. Jim has delivered his message of selling with a servant heart to audiences across the United States and internationally. He is a loving husband, a proud dad, and a crappy golfer. He’s recently developed an affinity for his Peloton and lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Paula.

Selling with a Servant Heart

Ten Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income

There is a common misconception that being good at sales necessitates aggressive closing or finding ways to effectively bring in clients. Think again!

Author and sales trainer Jim Doyle explains how the best sellers have a commitment to their customers that goes way beyond being customer focused. Servant Heart Sellers, as he calls them, are obsessed with making sure the products they sell make a difference for their customers, not just closing the deal. This commitment changes everything about their sales approach.

Selling with a Servant Heart outlines ten lessons that ultimately lead to greater joy in sales while also increasing income. When you commit to serving customers as a Servant Heart Seller, you’ll find more success, greater customer loyalty, and far less churn. And you’ll have a lot more fun, too.

For the new salesperson, the experienced veteran, or anyone in between, the lessons of Servant Heart Selling have something salespeople across industries can draw from.

More success. More customer loyalty. More joy in what you do. That’s what can happen to your sales career when you start selling with a Servant Heart.

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