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Janet Thompson

Real Estate Broker and Golf Widow

Golf comes naturally for some, but for others, they marry into it! Unbeknownst to Janet Thompson as she was walking down the aisle, her husband-to-be was a die-hard golfer. Not necessarily wanting to be the quintessential “golf widow” after the honeymoon, Janet headed for the fairway. (Although, for her, it was more like the rough.)

Janet lives with her husband, Steve, in Florida and New Hampshire. The pair enjoy golfing, hiking, biking, and spending time with their five young grandchildren. In the summers, Janet volunteers her time for the Gundalow Company, sailing with school-age children on the Piscataqua River in a replica of a boat launched in 1886.

Janet believes, “When taking up golf, a sense of humor and the ability to bend a few rules helps!” Had she read a book like this before she started playing the game, it would have made a difference in her love/hate relationship with golf.

Publication Date:April 5, 2022

The Golfer’s Wife

From Birdies to Quadruple Bogies and the Rough in Between

For some, golf is an instant passion. These golfers practice religiously, play often, watch it on TV, and frequently attend tournaments. Then there’s the other kind of golfer. This group simply enjoys the occasional round, weather permitting, and doesn’t take the game too seriously. Things get interesting when those two kinds of people marry each other.

Such was the case for Janet and Steve Thompson, who married over thirty-five years ago and have been golfing together ever since. In The Golfer’s Wife, Janet combines her story with those of seven professional golfers’ wives, examining how a wife’s relationship with golf can affect her relationship with her husband—and vice versa—with self-deprecating humor and a generous spirit. At the intersection of memoir and biography, this look into the love of the game—and the love of the player—will charm both the golfer and nongolfer alike.

A portion of the proceeds from The Golfer’s Wife will be donated to the following charities: the Brandt & Mandy Snedeker Foundation, the Brighter Days Foundation, the Charley Hoffman Foundation, Crystal Coast Hospice House, the Jacobsen Youth Initiative, Juvenile Diabetes Research, and the Micaela’s Army Foundation.

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