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Erin Stafford

Speaker and Corporate Burnout Expert

Erin Stafford is a marketing guru, burnout survivor, hyper-growth business leader, and social psychologist. While working with the world’s highest achievers throughout her twenty-plus-year international career, Erin has seen firsthand how Type A personalities and constant overachievement are coveted in the world of business, but often lead to debilitating burnout.

After six years heading up marketing for the country’s largest healthcare staffing company, Erin has made it her mission to help leaders everywhere identify and break free from the Type A Trap so they can stay at peak performance for the long haul. She now crisscrosses the globe, inspiring audiences as a keynote speaker, and it is her greatest joy and passion to empower individuals and organizations, giving them the tools and permission to put themselves first.

Erin lives in San Diego with her husband and her boxer puppy, Baxter.

Publication Date:January 1, 2024

The Type A Trap

Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life

Have you ever accomplished something amazing but been too burned out and broken to actually enjoy it?

This is the Type A Trap. The things that help us succeed early in our career—the grind, the hustle, hard work, and long hours—can be the exact things that lead us to burn out later. But because this behavior is so programmed into who we are, we don’t know any other way. We’ve gotten ahead in every aspect of life through hard work, but unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work with burnout, which can be deceiving and sneak up on you over time. And then, before you know it, you’ve fallen into its trap. 

To escape, we do what we do best—just work harder. But this only leads to more exhaustion. More disillusionment. More burnout.

So how do we stay at peak performance without burning out?

After studying, surveying, and interviewing thousands of peak performers across all different walks of life, including New York Times bestselling authors, Olympians, celebrity coaches, leading doctors, retired US Navy SEALS, Fortune 500 founders, and people like you looking for a way out of burnout’s grip, Erin Stafford has unlocked five mindset shifts to move from burnout to sustainable peak performance. 

Erin’s practical and easy-to-implement tools and mindset shifts will help you break free from burnout to thrive again, and will leave you feeling motivated, reengaged, inspired, and fired up again—not only about your work, but also about your life.

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