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Emily Crookston

Award-Winning Ghostwriter, CEO, and Thought Leadership Expert

Emily Crookston is the ghostwriter for renegades. As the Owner and Decider of All Things at The Pocket PhD, she and her team help innovative thinkers cultivate their thought leadership ecosystems and turn their big ideas into business books. Emily is also a former philosophy professor, a speaker, and a podcast guest. When she’s not writing intensely, she’s most likely practicing yoga intensely. She lives for coffee shops that play great music to write to and desserts topped with real whipped cream.



The Thought Leader’s Guide to Not Overthinking Your Business Book

UNWRITTEN: The Thought Leader’s Guide to Not Overthinking Your Business Book is a business book about how to write a business book. Written by ghostwriter and business owner Emily Crookston, UNWRITTEN offers the best way to integrate writing a book into the time spent running your business. Most significantly, you will learn how to prioritize your time; letting go of writing and leaning into positioning, publishing, and promoting. Unwritten will help you get your big ideas out of your head and into the world.

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