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Drew Jones

Anthropologist, Social Scientist, and Organizational Consultant

Drew Jones (PhD) is an anthropologist, former business school professor, and practicing management consultant. He is a founding partner of the OpenWork Agency, a boutique workplace culture and strategy consultancy. Over the past twenty years he has worked on culture, leadership, and workplace design projects with clients throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. He is published widely in academic management journals and magazines, and has published three previous books on design thinking and innovation, coworking, and activity based working (ABW). His most recent project is the launch of the Corporate Culture University, an online corporate training company. He is based in Austin, Texas.


The Open Culture Handbook

Five Questions to Drive Engagement and Innovation

For half a century, business leaders have learned the benefits of fostering a robust workplace culture. However, the management of our teams often feels forever mired in complexities and uncertainty. What can we do? And why, amidst the backdrop of a pandemic, are we seeing scores of employees leaving their positions?

Drew Jones leans on decades of experience as a consultant and anthropologist to offer a straightforward, practical guide for confronting and navigating the ins and outs of our diverse cultures. Shifting the discussion away from the vague and tangential toward the concrete and changeable, The Open Culture Handbook resists simplicities while providing real solutions.

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