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David Pachter

DAVID PACHTER is the executive chairman and cofounder of JumpCrew. He founded his first company at twenty-three years old, and it failed in its first week of operation. David’s journey from “slacker to CEO” started five years later, when he began to set professional goals based on what he could control: his own effort and execution. His subsequent entrepreneurial ventures have resulted in a portfolio of profitable companies and/or successful exits.

Growing up in New York, his first passion was playing basketball. An average athlete at best, he learned the importance of supporting the talents of others on the court; that the chemistry of how players collaborate, compete, communicate, and learn together all contribute to great teams. These experiences became key elements of David’s philosophies on teamwork and remote leadership.

In addition to his work with JumpCrew, David regularly speaks with leaders and entrepreneurs about overcoming the challenges of building teams and managing a remote and hybrid remote workforce. His coaching has helped countless executives develop communities of people that work together and accelerate individual and team achievement.

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