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Dakota Meyer

Medal of Honor Recipient and Lifestyle Coach

Dakota Meyer is a United States Marine and veteran of the war in Afghanistan who became the first living Marine in more than forty years to receive the Medal of Honor.

Since leaving active duty, he has continued his service by becoming a firefighter, the creator and host of the podcast You’re Human, the entrepreneur behind Own the Dash and Dash Hydrate, and the author of the New York Times bestseller Into the Fire as well as the coauthor of the national bestseller The Way Forward.

He lives in Austin, Texas, and is a father of two beautiful daughters.


Why to What

The One-Word Answer to Taking Back Control of Your Life

From Medal of Honor recipient and New York Times bestselling author Dakota Meyer, a no-nonsense handbook for living the life you want.

At some point in their lives, everyone struggles with something—healthy people get sick, loved ones die, hard workers lose their jobs, or we simply can’t get unstuck.

When we do, we often find ourselves feeling helpless and asking “Why?” Why did this happen to me? Why am I not the person I want to be? 

In Why to What, Dakota Meyer reveals a proven method—based on his Own the Dash lifestyle program—of reframing our unhealthy “Why?”s into powerful “What?”s. What can I do to change my life? What will I do to become the person I want to be?

If you want to take back control of your life, the answer is as simple as one word.

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