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Charlene Wheeless

Communications Executive

Charlene Wheeless is a renowned communications expert, author, and speaker, and a powerhouse in business and in life. Following a three-year battle with cancer, she launched a strategic advisory firm, Charlene Wheeless, LLC, and joined APCO Worldwide, a global advisory and advocacy communications consultancy, as the senior advisor for equity and justice. A key voice in the future of the communications profession, Charlene is the chairman of the board of trustees for Page Society, the world’s leading professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives. Charlene has lived the experience of being a Black female executive at several leading global companies. The accumulation of her experiences has positioned her as a cornerstone in driving anti-racist practices, inclusivity, diversity, and belonging in corporate environments. She is a gifted speaker and contributor to business and lifestyle publications, including Chief Executive, Business Insider, Chief Learning Officer, Thrive Global, and Fast Company, among others. Charlene has been named one of the most influential PR professionals for five consecutive years, inducted into the PR Week Hall of Femme and the PR Global Powerbook, and was inducted in The Network Journal’s 2017 25 Influential Black Women in Business. Charlene holds a BA in journalism and public relations, an MA in public communication, and an MBA. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two dogs. She also has two adult daughters.
Publication Date:May 11, 2021

You Are Enough!

Reclaiming Your Career and Your Life with Purpose, Passion, and Unapologetic Authenticity

YOU ARE ENOUGH! chronicles Charlene Wheeless’s fearless quest to be the best possible version of herself in every aspect of her life—at work and at home. For Charlene, this means busting up stereotypes, breaking down barriers, and flat-out refusing to be ignored, pigeonholed, or forgotten.

Using blog posts from her courageous battle with breast cancer, lectures from her popular “Lessons from Being Invisible” speaking series, and personal accounts of her climb to being one of the first Black female executives in traditionally White and male-dominated industries, Charlene’s voice is one that resonates across every spectrum—a voice that demands being heard.

Charlene’s experiences serve as a compass for individuals and corporations looking to change their course, alter their patterns, and expand their ways of thinking and being. With raw honesty, blazing courage, and solution-driven sensibility, Charlene reminds us that despite the setbacks, struggles, and obstacles life throws our way, we can be seen. We must not be invisible. We must be our own authentic selves. In short: We are enough!

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