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C. Owen Paepke

Political Commentator

C. Owen Paepke is the author of The Evolution of Progress (named best nonfiction book of 1993 by NPR’s Talk of the Nation) and the three-volume series The Seinfeld Election, which was praised by reviewers as “a provocative investigation into the American political divide.”

He has written and spoken widely on technology and science policy, including a keynote address on the future of science to the fiftieth-anniversary meeting of the Federation of American Scientists and a speech on the prospects for technological and economic progress at the Smithsonian Institution.

He lives in Arizona, where he practiced for many years as an attorney specializing in antitrust and intellectual property, and is a graduate of Stanford and the University of Chicago.


The Purple Presidency 2024

How Voters Can Reclaim the White House for Bipartisan Governance

For decades, partisan gridlock and a drift toward the extremes in Washington have left Americans with only two choices—red or blue, neither reflecting most Americans’ views.

Voters feel helpless and often end up voting against the greater of two evils, casting protest votes, or not voting at all. This crisis peaked with the elections of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the least popular presidents since polling began. The 2022 midterms only confirmed voters’ dissatisfaction with both extremes.

In 2024, with independent voters outnumbering either party, we have reached a tipping point—it’s time for a purple wave to elect a pragmatic president who will reject polarization and represent mainstream America.

In The Purple Presidency 2024, C. Owen Paepke reveals how we came to this desperate point in history, the perils of remaining on this path, and how a nonpartisan voters’ movement can take back Washington.

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