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Barbie Brewer

Barbie Brewer began her career in Silicon Valley during the dot.com boom of the ’90s and is now an industry-leading expert in developing critical areas of modern business performance and culture, including remote and hybrid workforces. As Chief Culture Officer at GitLab Inc., Brewer has contributed to the all-remote SAS company’s growth from 150 employees to over 1,000 in more than 60 countries. She was Vice President of Talent for Netflix when the streaming service expanded from 20 million subscribers to over 150 million. As an advisory/ interim HR leader, Brewer has worked with hypergrowth companies in Silicon Valley and New York to build out and coach the C-Suite. While at Cisco, she lived and worked in Europe for three years. Brewer holds a master’s in human resource management and a bachelor’s in communication and business from Santa Clara University. While Brewer is passionate about her career and the future of work, she is most devoted to her two teenagers, supportive husband, and four dogs. Love of family and recognition of the need for impactful leadership inspired her to write this book.

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