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André Stewart

Real Estate Technology Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or depressed? Been homeless, unemployed, or on government assistance? That was André’s life path. It all changed when, at the age of thirty-three, his doctor ordered him to quit working at his high-level bank position, where he was an advisor to CEOs of startups, major tech companies, and high net worth individuals, because the stress was killing him, and literally putting him on the brink of cardiac arrest. André discovered the knowledge of real estate investing and was able to achieve financial independence in less than seven months once beginning that endeavor. Today, André is the founder and CEO of InvestFar, the first mobile app that lets you purchase an investment property, renovate, sell, or manage it remotely. He is also the founder of Residual Roads Business Institute. Residing in Los Angeles, California, he enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and spending time with family and friends. His mission now is to help others from all walks of life discover mental awareness and financial independence.
Publication Date:August 2, 2022

The Real Estate Investing Diet

Harnessing Health Strategies to Build Wealth in Ninety Days


Whether you have a bank account in the negative or a million dollars to invest, this book will not be like any other real estate guide you’ve read before. André Stewart not only gives you every single tool to make money in any real estate economic climate, but he also does so while navigating an unprecedented modern economy. If you want to be financially free in an unparalleled time in the history of any country, this is the book for you.

In The Real Estate Investing Diet, André Stewart shares practical tools and techniques for gaining financial independence and generating long-term wealth through real estate investing—without using your own personal credit or up front capital. These approaches have been honed from advising tens of thousands of CEOs and executives while working in the banking industry, but this book was written so everyone—from people in poverty to senior executives—can quit their job or supplement their income. There’s no reason everyone can’t live the life they deserve, or feel that they must be chained to a desk in order to succeed. Yet, many people believe this, and the purpose of this book is to help you discover ways to remove limiting beliefs that subconsciously hold you back from reaching your financial goals.

To accomplish this, The Real Estate Investing Diet focuses on breaking down your money blueprint, enhancing your mental preparation, and creating the fundamental foundation needed for real estate investing. This book includes calendars, examples, and a strategic plan to help remove the underlying root cause that prevents people from being successful in their financial lives.

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