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Kat Craft

Kat has been creating and telling stories since before she could read. Growing up, she always had a pen and notebook nearby to document all the stories and ideas she came up with. In college, she was hired as a writing coach at Johnson & Wales University‚Äôs writing lab and as an English TA to […]

Caitie Roewer

As the retail and distribution manager at Amplify Publishing Group, Caitie works to make sure books are available to retailers and distributors, online listings are up-to-date, and buyers have access to stock. She also helps facilitate direct orders with buyers as well, including special bulk sales. Caitie received her BA in media and communications from […]

Michelle Garcia

Michelle is a writer, author, and multimedia artist born and raised in Northern Virginia. Her passion for storytelling led her to Amplify Publishing Group, where she works directly with clients to market their literary works. In 2021, Michelle independently published her debut memoir of poetry and creative nonfiction, Cul-de-sac Angels, which empowered her to pursue a […]

Heather Orlando-Jerabek

Heather Orlando Jerabek is a graduate of the Columbia University publishing course, received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Central Florida, and a BA in English literature. She has worked with publications such as National Geographic, TV Guide Magazine, and The Florida Review in editorial and marketing roles. Most recently, Heather worked […]

Sky Wilson

Sky is thrilled to lend a hand to authors on their publishing journey with Amplify Publishing Group. She has a passion for curiosity and love of storytelling that influence her work as marketing manager for a wide array of titles. A Virginia native, Sky graduated from James Madison University. She possesses a professional background in […]

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