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Gary Shuman

Gary Shuman has held financial, sales, and strategy leadership roles in both large companies, such as Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation, and more recently as CFO of ePrize and Moxy Eats and SVP of Sales for various digital marketing start-ups. He has a passion for creating business plans, building companies, and recruiting and nurturing talent.

Presently, Gary is a Partner at Muditā Venture Partners, enabling him to help grow and sustain their portfolio companies. Muditā is a $40 million VC fund that invests in mainly early stage software companies where they can actively make an impact beyond their capital input. Muditā seeks investments that can drive oversized returns while improving the world in the process.

Gary is an avid bowler, golfer, pickleball player, and Detroit Lions fan in his spare time.

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Nina Spahn

Prior to moving to the Washington, DC, area and joining Amplify Publishing Group, Nina worked in editorial at a New York publishing house. There, she worked on multiple USA Today and New York Times bestsellers spanning a variety of genres. Nina now specializes in a number of narrative nonfiction genres including business, memoir, self-help, topical nonfiction, and essay collections, and oversees the full production department at APG. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in writing and a BA in communications and attended New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute before beginning her career in publishing.

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Kristin Perry

As VP of Operations at Amplify Publishing Group, Kristin helps drive a variety of business development initiatives, ensures each author’s transition from production to book launch is strategic and seamless, and leads the company’s marketing and publicity team. With nearly a decade of experience in publishing, she is an expert on the industry and the marketplace factors that contribute to a title’s success. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English and a BA in psychology.

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Danny Moore

Working with Amplify Publishing Group since 2004, Danny’s contributions include award-winning illustrations, print and web designs, covers, ebook conversions, web games, and app development. He graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in graphic design and illustration.

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Debbie Nosil

Debbie has been with Amplify Publishing Group for over ten years and set up the policies and procedures that helped the company stay organized during a time of incredible growth. She spends her days interacting with authors, vendors, and retailers, and overseeing the bookkeeping team at large.

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