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Emily Willett

Stories and books have been a part of Emily’s life for as long as she can remember. Both her great-grandmother and grandmother had careers as librarians, her grandfather was a journalist, and her mother writes detective stories. Emily herself earned a BA in English from James Madison University. After graduating, she moved across the world to South Korea where she spent two years teaching English at a private academy. After returning to America, she wanted to continue working in an environment that shared her belief in the importance of words and their impact. When the opportunity to work at Amplify Publishing Group materialized, she knew it was a perfect fit! Emily enjoys being part of a team that supports storytellers and is happy to assist our authors in any way she can.

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Soukkhy Drumm

Soukkhy loves working with numbers and people, making her position at Amplify Publishing Group the perfect fit. In her free time, she enjoys leisure traveling, gardening, walking, and venturing outdoors, such as in parks and mountains. She also likes reading cookbooks and trying to cook up some of the recipes she finds.

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Helen Frank

A Fauquier County native with over a decade of bookkeeping experience, Helen assists authors with the financial side of their books. A voracious reader, her favorite place to be is surrounded by books. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the mountains, crafting, and taking pictures of local fungi.

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Alison Krylowski

Alison was born and raised in Reston, Virginia, and studied Spanish at George Mason University. After graduating, she spent six months teaching English in Spain, which was a great life experience. While Spanish was what she studied in school, her twenty years of work experience have been in bookkeeping, using some Spanish along the way. She comes from a family of readers, so she is excited to be part of Amplify Publishing Group. In her spare time she likes to read mystery novels, watch crime shows, cook, and work in her garden.

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Debbie Nosil

Debbie has been with Amplify Publishing Group for over ten years and set up the policies and procedures that helped the company stay organized during a time of incredible growth. She spends her days interacting with authors, vendors, and retailers, and overseeing the bookkeeping team at large.

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