Focus Forward

Life Lessons from Racing

Life flies quickly when you’re traveling 180 miles per hour. For Ted Giovanis, it’s also where to find the most valuable lessons.

Since becoming a race car driver three decades ago at age forty-six—a ride that is still in overdrive—Giovanis has discovered how the tools of racing and the teamwork within it are applicable to life and business. In forty-eight motivating and at times exhilarating chapters, he shares the experience and knowledge. 

The veteran of Washington’s health care policy and regulatory battles charts a very different course as a professional driver and team owner in the International Motor Sports Association. You may not know about Type 1 turns, outbraking, or be able to distinguish down force from dive planes, but by the time you reach the checkered flag of Focus Forward, you will better understand the value of intention and gratitude in the actions you take every day. Whether preparing your vehicle, getting in practice laps, or starting the engine to head to the starting line, Giovanis puts you in the driver’s seat with him to make the most of each race you face.

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Ted Giovanis

Healthcare Regulatory and Policy Expert

Ted Giovanis, FHFMA, MBA, is president and founder of the Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation for Health and Policy, which conducts research in the policy and clinical arenas. He was previously president of T. Giovanis & Company, LLC and TGC, LLC, which were health policy and reimbursement consultancies specializing in strategic reimbursement advice and advocacy on behalf of clients. During the past forty years, Ted’s work has encompassed both the Medicare and Medicaid payment areas, regulation, and regulatory processes.

He was solely responsible for the identification and prosecution of the rural floor budget neutrality issue, which resulted in a multibillion-dollar settlement for hospitals nationally.

He has also served as a hospital system CFO, controller, and internal auditor, along with numerous other hospital management and reimbursement/payment positions.

Additionally, Ted is an accomplished professional sports car driver and team owner in the International Motor Sports Association.

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