The New Civil War

Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America

We are living through a national trauma. The United States has jettisoned the rule of law and ceased functioning as a republic. Battle lines have been drawn. Progressives are moving quickly to cement their transformation of the country’s beliefs, attitudes, values, social structures, economic models, and government organizations. Patriotic Americans are waking up to recognize that conservatism failed to conserve much of anything. Progressives control academia, media, the civil service, and several of our country’s most important industries.

Americans who support the constitution have become counterrevolutionaries. Their challenge is nothing short of the restoration of America’s institutions. Such a restoration is achievable, but you can’t defeat what you don’t understand. Every good restorationist must study progressivism: where it originated, how it grew, what it preaches, how it operates, and what it hopes to accomplish. The New Civil War provides that understanding. It exposes the mechanisms progressives have used over the course of decades to seduce millions of decent, well-intentioned Americans into a dangerously anti-American movement. More importantly, it maps out a nonviolent strategy for an effective restoration.

The New Civil War is not a call for war. It is a recognition that war has been declared on us. Our sacred love of liberty is under attack. Unless we defend it, the America we love may be lost. This book is for every patriotic American eager to defeat the utopian left—and restore America.

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“Bruce Abramson has witnessed firsthand the hollowing out of scholarship in the American academy and watched as clichés and credentials became substitutes for intellect and evidentiary argument. The New Civil War is the best account to date of how the empty claims of expertise have led America into a political cul-de-sac.”—Fred Siegel, AUTHOR OF REVOLT AGAINST THE MASSES, AND CONTRIBUTING EDITOR TO THE MANHATTAN INSTITUTE’S CITY JOURNAL

“Americans face a bizarre new political landscape. A supposedly ‘moderate’ president, who ran on promises of ‘unity,’ is pursuing a radical left-wing agenda. These challenges call for principled, effective opposition. The New Civil War will help start a conversation about how to push back.”—Joel Pollak, CONSERVATIVE JOURNALIST

“As a lawyer who defends the victims of progressivism every day, I have looked into the eyes of the thought police. The New Civil War provides the wake-up call America needs and serves as a self-defense manual for patriotic Americans.”—Harmeet Dhillon, CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER

Bruce D. Abramson, PhD

Political Commentator

Bruce D. Abramson, PhD, JD, is an independent strategy consultant with degrees in computer science and law and experience as an economic consultant. He has published widely in the scholarly literature of computing, management, and law, and is author or coauthor of over one hundred columns on politics and public policy. His previous books have addressed technology policy, innovation law, Middle East politics, and political philosophy. He is a patriotic American who has spent most of his life living in the progressive enclaves of New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and San Francisco.