The 1618 Project: Essays on the Threat of America’s Progressive New Left

In 2019, the New York Times published a series of essays dubbed the 1619 Project that constituted an ambitious attack on the traditional view of American history and a rallying cry for a radical new philosophy of the Progressive New Left.

In this collection of eleven provocative and powerfully argued essays, Stephen Vicchio (Ronald Reagan’s Religious Beliefs) reveals the dangerous ideology behind this New Left movement—led by the Biden administration and others like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren—on a variety of fronts, including:

  • The Defund the Police movement
  • The crisis at the southern border
  • Big Tech and censorship
  • The rise of a new Marxism
  • The problems of hate crimes and hate speech

Spanning the personal, the political, and the philosophical, The 1618 Project exposes the deep corruption of Progressive New Left thinking and sounds a clarion call for a return to sanity before this radical movement sparks a second Civil War.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-684-9
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Stephen Vicchio

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