The Bleeding Edge

My Six Decades at the Forefront of the Tech Revolution (From Scott McNealy to Steve Jobs to Steve Case to Steve Ballmer to Steve Ballmer and More Titans of Technology)

Steve Case . . . Larry Ellison . . . Steve Jobs . . . Scott McNealy . . . Sean Parker . . .  

Over more than half a century at the forefront of the technology revolution, Bill Raduchel encountered them all as a pioneering executive for McGraw-Hill, Sun Microsystems, and AOL—where he was behind the scenes for the landmark merger with Time Warner. 

He not only had a front-row seat but was a key player in the birth of the digital age in which we now live—from opening one of the first online futures trading services to delivering bids in the 1990s to buy NeXT and Apple to being “in the room” for the launch of licensed music on iTunes and ultimately to being named CTO of the Year at AOL Time Warner. 

Packed with never-before-heard stories and timeless wisdom on the art of computer science, the business of technology, and the durable power of relationships, The Bleeding Edge provides a rare history of how and why the internet looks and feels the way it does today.

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William J. Raduchel

Tech Pioneer and former CTO, AOL Time Warner

Bill Raduchel has served as a high-level executive and strategic adviser for organizations such as Sun Microsystems, AOL Time Warner, Xerox, McGraw-Hill, and the Salvation Army. Over half a century working with systems, software, and networks, he has remained at the forefront of the technology revolution in media, education, and corporate governance—including recognition at Sun as CIO of the Year and the top CFO in the computer industry and at AOL as CTO of the year. He holds more than fifty issued patents as well as a PhD in econometrics from Harvard, where he taught for five years with John Kenneth Galbraith. He has been writing software in some form since he turned fifteen years old in 1961. He is the author of The New Technology State and The Bleeding Edge.

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