Breaking the Silence

Why Opening Up About Your Sex Life Is the Best Medicine for Your Health, Relationships, and Overall Happiness

Sexuality and sexual health are taboo topics of conversation in American culture, and many people avoid discussing their sex lives with their physician, and often, their partners. Given the silence surrounding sexuality, most people don't realize how widespread some sexual struggles are, nor do they have an appreciation for the integral role of sexuality in their overall health and well-being.

In Breaking the Silence, Moshe Kedan, MD, provides guidance to men and women on how to navigate the at times difficult discussions around common sexual hardships. Dr. Kedan provides demonstrative examples taken from couples he has worked with over the course of his career and reveals the ways breaking the silence surrounding sexuality and sexual health can help couples and individuals lead healthier, more satisfied lives.

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“I thought I knew everything about sex—past, present, and future! How wrong I was! In Dr. Kedan’s book, Breaking the Silence, he sits right down next to you and opens up doors of possibilities you never even dreamed existed. His words of wisdom are mesmerizing, sometimes shocking, and maybe even magical!”—Amanda Borghese, marketer for Perlier, Inc.

“A must-read for all married couples! By reading this book together, we now understand each other better than ever. The words in this book are powerful and healing. After reading this book, our perceived intimacy issues were resolved. Thank you, Dr. Kedan, for sharing your patients’ experiences and sexual struggles; your book answers the questions that we all have but are too embarrassed to ask!”—Tom and Lisa Smith, national distributor; accountant

“The fountain of youth is right here in this page-turner by Dr. Moshe Kedan. Things that have been taboo between patient and doctor, and even husband and wife, are all out on the table. His words make so much sense and open your mind and body to the secrets of health, sexual fulfillment, and even life expectancy. The doctor gets right to it, and so will you. I’m off to pour a glass of wine, light some candles, and rediscover my husband.”—Rhonda Shear-Fagan, actress, comedian, and entrepreneur

Moshe Kedan, M.D.

Physician and Human Sexuality Expert

Dr. Moshe Kedan was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He immigrated to Israel as a child in 1951 when the Jewish population of Iraq was expelled. After graduating from Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem, he served as a military physician in the Israeli army for three years before coming to the United States. He completed his training in internal medicine and cardiology at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and then set up his private practice in Clearwater, Florida. For over forty-five years, Dr. Kedan has provided comprehensive and individualized care to his patients. He observed that sexuality is overlooked and ignored by the medical profession despite playing a pivotal role in overall health and well-being. He therefore integrated discussion about sexuality as part of his routine medical examinations with all his patients. This has provided him with essential information to effectively diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions, to the benefit of his patients.