Fear Dynamics

Harnessing Fear and Anxiety to Create Lasting Happiness and Meaningful Achievement

Fear Dynamics tells a story of transformation. Whatever difficulties readers have persevered through, they can embrace self-help techniques that Stephen J. Dietrich, JD, developed and applied during his darkest hours.

The past cannot be changed, but the author encourages us to take charge of our future as we strive to acknowledge, accept, and overcome hurt that has occurred in our lives. A respected corporate attorney at an influential law firm, Stephen vulnerably shares how he persevered childhood neglect and abuse. Rather than ignoring the past, he helps readers to understand the fear and anxiety that they deal with and come through it with strength, confidence, and ultimately even happiness.

Through decades of reflection and purpose, Stephen developed and improved upon tools that he has used to turn counterproductive thoughts and behaviors into strengths. The Fear Dynamics Techniques introduced in the book were instrumental as he found himself getting better results in personal and professional situations. By following Stephen's lead, readers can potentially avoid years of continued struggles.

Fear Dynamics is an open discussion about the author’s past, providing valuable lessons readers can use now. When you are able to accept the past, you can lead a more fulfilling life, be comfortable in your own skin, build a more meaningful future, and become a truer version of yourself.

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Fear Dynamics is the remarkable story of Stephen J. Dietrich overcoming a challenging upbringing to achieve both the pinnacle of professional success and personal fulfillment and happiness. Stephen offers techniques he developed on his journey that are applicable to everyone. His story teaches us that life isn’t all about accomplishments—it’s about relationships. Bottom line: Fear Dynamics can help you tackle the fear and anxiety in your life to be in control of the person you want to be.” —John Elway, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, two-time Super Bowl champion


Fear Dynamics is an incredible story of transformation, and it doesn't stop at the why—it gives you the how. If you keep falling back into the same bad habits, the techniques in this book will help you break that pattern for good.” —Mel Robbins, New York Times bestselling author and host of the award-winning Mel Robbins Podcast


“Stephen J. Dietrich takes the reader on a brave and vulnerable journey through trauma and adversity to acceptance and empowerment, with lessons and tools that are very much shared and needed in our conversations and communities today. Trauma and adversity are incredibly common, but so too is healing when we share our stories, our struggles, our triumphs, and our resilience. This topic, and the tools he shares, are integral to transformational and sustainable change to help and to heal.” —Dr. Kate Tumelty Felice, professor of education, psychology, and integrative health; a national educator and subject matter expert on adversity, trauma, and resilience


“Stephen J. Dietrich has taken his challenging start in life and harnessed lessons for all of us. What might have stopped many in their tracks is the bedrock for Stephen’s growth. He draws us in with his struggle, pauses, and gives us tools and strategies to capture our own fear to use as a strength. He’s mastered these skills for personal and professional development . . . and since the law is a people business, that’s a recipe for meaningful achievement all around.” —William Shepherd, former statewide prosecutor of Florida, chair of the American Bar Criminal Justice Section, and current BigLaw partner


“The fears that so many of us face, whether childhood trauma, debilitating setbacks, or overwhelming anxiety, can be calmed with confidence. In authentically sharing his own path, Stephen J. Dietrich offers a powerful resilience that is available to anybody. Instead of telling us to just suck it up, Dietrich reminds us how we too can show ourselves compassion and write our own story.” —Merril Hoge, inspirational speaker, author, former ESPN analyst and NFL running back


Fear Dynamics is an amazing story of a best-in-class M&A attorney who navigated disastrous parental experiences and survived, thrived, and excelled in life. Stephen J. Dietrich tells his story, and more importantly shares invaluable tools that can help everyone, regardless of their life journey, to improve their relationships and lives.” —Michael Maroone, chairman and CEO, Maroone USA

Stephen J. Dietrich, JD

Corporate Attorney


Stephen J. Dietrich, JD, is a corporate attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, and financing. He holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, D.C.) and a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude) in political science from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.

Enduring neglect and abuse during his formative years, Stephen seemed to have finally achieved a successful life: a law firm partner, married with a child, living in Colorado. However, the fear and anxiety from his past continued to impact him and colored every aspect of his personal and professional life.

In Fear Dynamics, Stephen shares his very personal journey and offers readers thoughtful techniques to liberate themselves from their own restraints, enabling them to become their true selves. Stephen’s transformative message inspires others to break free, beyond victim status, and embrace a fulfilled and happy life guided by conscious intent and emotional wisdom.