A Guide to Self-Disruption

Five Principles and a Daily Process to Transform Your Life

Daily writing allowed Klint Guerry to discover the values of process and discipline. It also provided him an opportunity to believe in himself and accomplish more than he ever thought possible.

The result is this aspirational book of individual transformation in both his personal and professional life that anyone—including you—can also follow. A Guide to Self-Disruption is Guerry’s invitation to use the tools he did to implement your own process . . . now!

When you adopt his five principles and commit yourself to putting your ideas on paper each day, you connect yourself to a timeless pursuit of excellence and a healthier lifestyle, away from the screens that regularly get in our way and push us further from our goals. 

Using Guerry’s proven methods, you can start writing in your own notebooks (or use Guerry’s own customized companion notebook to A Guide to Self-Disruption).

When you do, you are preparing yourself to reach higher, think deeper, and be your best self—starting with one stroke of your pen.978-1-63755-865-2

ISBN: 978-1-63755-865-2
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Klint Guerry

Businessman and Personal Development Expert

Klint Guerry is a businessman in Texas and serves on myriad boards and committees both professionally and philanthropically. He and his beautiful wife, Natalie, have three lovely kiddos. 

It’s pretty much an All-American success story rooted in faith, family, hard work, and the guidance and support of a handful of key people along the way that cared enough to help him launch.

But that hasn’t always been the case for Klint. At the age of 25, Klint made a conscious decision to disrupt a pattern of destructive behavior that was underway by his parents long before his birth . . . an unfortunate family tradition. 

In doing so, Klint created tools to assist him in his effort. More than two decades later, and with growth and success far beyond his wildest expectations, Klint is still disrupting his life in a quest for continuous improvement and personal development. 

More importantly, he has made the tools he holds so dear available to assist others in their journey to do the same.