Far Better

Self-Discovery through the Power of Endurance Sports

Why race if you know you won’t win? To keep learning more about yourself. Racing is a metaphor for life—you learn to pivot and evolve while navigating the ups and downs. The racing and training journey teaches you mental, physical, and emotional lessons about yourself, which cultivates awareness, self-love, and trust that you can apply to all aspects of your life. And all this is accomplished alongside other people and through your relationships. 

In Far Better, Miranda Bush shares her story of being a longtime athlete and endurance coach, and her personal evolution through the sport and in life. She shares the lessons she has learned through exposure to and participation in endurance athletics and then teaches you how you can apply those lessons to your racing career and your overall well-being. Her mental tips, delivered with knowledge, experience, and empathy, will help prepare you for your next race while simultaneously cultivating an understanding of your humanity. The vital impact of relationships is woven throughout the book in order to remind us all that belonging is essential to our existence. Life is a race, and you don’t want to miss one moment of it.

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Miranda Bush

Coach, Educator, and Entrepreneur

Miranda Bush is a longtime USA Triathlon coach, as well as a health and strength coach. She owns a nationwide coaching company, MB Coaching, and co-owns Zone Racing, an endurance sports team in her local community. Miranda is a longtime age-group triathlete, with multiple Ironman and 70.3 finishes, including many on the podium. She still races today—sometimes for fun and other times to compete, but always to learn firsthand how to be a more aware and inspiring coach, leader, and human. Miranda studied English literature at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 

You can also find her work in Triathlete Magazine online, at TrainingPeaks, and at Feisty Triathlon. She believes athletes can benefit from her story and expertise in a way that adds value to their racing careers and overall lives. Miranda currently resides in Oregon, Wisconsin, with her husband, Jamie, and dogs, Jake and Bruce, while supporting her three college-aged kids. In addition to racing with her friends and family, she loves to read, travel, and be outside as much as possible.