While The Nation Slept: The Struggle of Innovative Small Businesses in the US

by David Metzger


Small, innovative firms struggle to survive in this country. Most people who do not work with them or for them learn about these firms from newspaper articles, which focus almost exclusively on the success stories and those that made it to large firm status. The struggles of these smaller firms are largely invisible, like the ferocious fight for survival of smaller fish that takes place below the seemingly idyllic surface of a pond.

The beginning of the solution is to see clearly the contributions of these small firms. The contributions listed in this book are but a small slice of the total contribution these firms have made to agency missions and the nation’s improvement. Once these contributions are clearly understood, solutions will follow. The purpose of this book is to shed light on the struggles of these firms, and the contributions they make. If the book meets that goal, then attention to one, some, or all of these recommendations will follow.

In short, the goal is to wake up the nation to a struggle we need to recognize, and to leap to our feet as a country to assist.

ISBN: 9781631770708


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