Crack the Code

8 Surprising Keys to Unlock Innovation

In today’s fast-changing, hyper-competitive environment, developing your ability to creatively solve problems is mission critical. Creativity fuels growth, serves clients, and contributes to mission-based pursuits. Across every industry, organizations have an insatiable appetite to find creative problem-solvers who can crack the code to unlock innovative outcomes and drive measurable results.

The good news is that creative problem-solving is a skill set that can be developed and harnessed. It’s accessible to all of us. In Crack the Code, Kaiser Yang explores the four key mindsets shared by the most successful creative problem-solvers in the world and provides eight proven tactics they use to solve complex problems and seize new opportunities.

Using a careful analysis of the biggest challenges facing the world today and extensive research into the minds making a difference, Crack the Code is a practical guide to help you overcome barriers to innovative thinking and unlock your capacity to creatively solve problems in new and refreshing ways.

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“Creativity is a skill. You can learn it, and you can get better at it. Here are some of the key building blocks that you and your organization can use to start solving the problems that matter.” —Seth Godin, Author, The Practice

 “Crack the Code is the secret combination we’ve all been looking for to unlock innovation and creativity. This masterful work reveals surprising insights to help boost creative capacity and open up a whole new perspective on business and life. Inspiring and actionable, the book delivers a roadmap to achieve better results, conquer challenges, and seize potential.” —Josh Linkner, New York Times bestselling Author; Tech Entrepreneur 

“Crack the Code is a must-have survival manual for business leaders who want to build companies that last. Each chapter provides pragmatic applications that have immediate impact in a modern corporate environment.“—Drew Wolff, former CFO, International and Channel Development, Starbucks 

“Creativity has never been more important to business success as we all learn to navigate and thrive in an environment of continual and seismic change. Read Crack the Code NOW for practical yet inspiring coaching on how to embrace and leverage creativity. A combination of rigorous, accessible, and interesting thoughts, tactics, and examples that can help anyone unlock their own creative potential.” —Yin Woon Rani, CEO, MilkPep

“Business leaders and companies find themselves ‘locked’ into how they have traditionally done things, unable to break free and break out. Crack the Code provides what those who want to create innovative cultures need. Kaiser shows you how to unlock creativity, embrace risk, and open up the potential in your people and businesses.” —Gary David, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Bentley University

Kaiser Yang

CEO and Innovation Expert

An innovator at the forefront of the digital transformation, Kaiser has held senior leadership roles at both tech startups and large, global organizations. Kaiser served as Senior Vice President for both HelloWorld and PrizeLogic, innovating large-scale digital campaigns for Fortune 100 clients such as Microsoft, Disney, Amazon, Clorox, and Nike. He has held leadership roles at Nortel Communications and United Technologies, and he also cofounded the West End Grill, an award-winning gourmet restaurant, still in operation today.

Throughout it all, the need to creatively solve problems—to find a way, to figure it out, to do it differently—has been the one underlying commonality. Kaiser’s broad-based experience in technology, operations, sales, and marketing has empowered him with the ability to systematically unlock creativity and apply it toward productive, innovative outcomes. Currently, he is the cofounder of Platypus Labs, an innovation enablement firm focused on helping teams and organizations unleash their creative potential and crack the code.