We All Want Something Beautiful

by Randall Slavin
From award-winning Hollywood photographer Randall Slavin comes We All Want Something Beautiful, a brilliant, raw, and everlasting collection of celebrity photography. “Randall’s images cut through the noise…he has a way of finding beauty in a subject effortlessly.” – Ben Stiller “Zero agenda. Zero politics. Pure intimacy and truth of the individual spirit…this is the setting Randall has always provided for me personally.” – Jeremy Renner Picking up a camera didn’t start out as an artistic pursuit for Randall Slavin. While working a dead end job in a gas station, he wandered into a local photography studio and became friends with the owner. He took the young Slavin under his wing and taught him a few photography basics, just before firing him a few months later. With nowhere to turn, Slavin put one foot in front of the other and never looked back. In the years since and through his lens, he’s documented his journey. From the vinyl seats of Hollywood nightclubs in 1999 to cover shoots in New York in 2019, Slavin has captured it all, encapsulated in his debut photography collection, We All Want Something Beautiful. Featuring stunning portraits and spirited candids of the most recognizable people in Hollywood, Slavin offers us a peek behind the curtain in this revelatory collection that will last a lifetime.
ISBN: 978-1-68401-993-9

Imprint: Mascot Books
SKU: 08-474-01
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