Little Anthony: My Journey, My Destiny


Jerome Anthony Gourdine, known as Little Anthony, began singing songs in his crib. His mind buzzed of melodies which, when he could later talk, he put to words. A true prodigy, his voice has become one of the most recognizable on earth. Anthony’s parents, also performing artists, passed on their talent and passion to Anthony. But it was more than genetic inheritance that spurred the prodigy to greatness; it was his innate talent and his spiritual belief that he was destined to become this special performer. Anthony never learned how to play an instrument nor read music, yet his acutely tuned ear tells him when there is a sour note played by a violist in a full philharmonic orchestra.

The streets of Brooklyn became his first stage as he gathered under the street lamps to harmonize with friends, who later on became known as The Imperials. A teenage heart throb, he set the radio on fire with his smooth, savvy voice that could sing three octaves and a falsetto. From the Friday afternoon sock hops, to touring Europe, Anthony’s music has endured five decades.


“I first discovered Little Anthony and The Imperials on American Bandstand…and man, could they sing! I was smitten. Once The Miracles and I started recording and traveling, we had the great pleasure of meeting Little Anthony and The Imperials. Anthony Gourdine is my friend and brother for always.”

– Smokey Robinson


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