Game Changer

The Story of Pictionary and How I Turned a Simple Idea Into the Bestselling Board Game in the World

Game Changer is the story of how a twenty-three-year-old waiter from Seattle had the outrageous dream of beating industry giants Milton Bradley and Mattel at their own game. With no experience, Rob Angel used his guts, drive, and intuition to create one of the most beloved board games of all time: Pictionary. Rob did it his way. He produced the first 1,000 games by hand in his tiny one-bedroom apartment, disrupted the market by selling to nontraditional retail outlets, and did countless demonstrations at the bottom of the escalator at Nordstrom—a store with no game department. Anything to succeed.

Getting there wasn’t easy; Rob had to navigate his way through production mishaps, cash flow troubles, and countless copycats trying to scratch their way past Pictionary. Still, within three years, Pictionary became the bestselling board game in North America, and shortly after, the world. When Mattel acquired Pictionary in 2001, a staggering 38,000,000 games had been sold in 60 countries.

In Game Changer, Rob shares the remarkable inside story of taking Pictionary from simple idea to iconic global brand by breaking rules and breaking records, never giving up or giving in, and working harder when most would walk away all while having the time of his life. Candid and compelling, Game Changer is as much a captivating memoir as it is a blueprint to personal and professional success.

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"It was a thrill to work with Rob thirty years ago on PICTIONARY!, the Nickelodeon game show, and he’s still one of the most creative founders and marketers in the business. It’s one thing to create a game, but it’s magic to create a cultural phenomenon, and aspiring entrepreneurs will learn a lot from Rob’s book."— BOB PITTMAN, chairman and CEO, iHeartMedia

"Rob Angel is one of the most gifted marketers I know. The story of how he disrupted the toy and game industry to create the world’s bestselling board game is legendary. If you want to know what smart, creative, and fearless marketing looks like, read Game Changer, now."— BRIAN SMITH, founder of UGG®️

"I know the fun and the heartbreak of creating a wildly successful game. All the steps from concept to design, production to sales and marketing. Game Changer captures what really goes into the making of a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a must read for anyone with even an inkling of an idea for a product."— LAURA ROBINSON, co-creator of Balderdash

"In the cut-throat world of toy and game business, there is no one I respect more than Rob. He took on the big toy companies, and won, by staying true to his vision and himself. Game Changer is a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur with a dream."— KEVIN HARRINGTON, original Shark from the hit TV show, ABC’s Shark Tank

"If Tom Hanks’s character in the movie Big had been an inventor, he would have been Rob Angel–fun-loving, boundary-pushing, and creative. Rob has captured many of the quirks and inner workings of the toy business in a fun, quick read. A must-read for all inventors."— MARK SULLIVAN, senior executive at Mattel, Spin Master, and Moose Toys

"Dreamers, creators, entrepreneurs, and others will love and learn from this wonderful story about how passion and persistence can turn a simple idea into a massive success that touches and inspires millions."— MARK RAMPOLLA, founder of ZICO Coconut Water, co-founder of Powerplant Ventures, and author of High-Hanging Fruit: Build Something Great by Going Where No One Else Will

Rob Angel

Inventor of Pictionary

Rob Angel is the creator of the iconic bestselling board game, Pictionary, which has sold 38,000,000 copies worldwide. He’s a philanthropist, investor, and sought-after speaker who encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to “find their aardvark.” Rob lives in Seattle, Washington.