Fences in the Landscape Talk: Are We Listening?

Written by Lawrence S. Hamilton, Edited by Linda S. Hamilton, Poetry by Marie Riley


This book will change the way you look at the landscape. You will start noticing fences more. And you will wonder about why they are there, who built them, and why. You
will notice how they are built and from what materials. In other words, you will pause and listen for the interesting stories fences can tell. You may be quite surprised at what you learn.

Larry Hamilton’s charming photographs from around the world highlight both familiar and unfamiliar types of fences. With historic background information and commentary that is sometimes whimsical and sometimes provocative, he invites you to observe and reflect.

As you think about the stories embedded in fences, you may see parallels between the physical fences we build and the psychological and cultural barriers we erect between ourselves. Realistically, the effectiveness of both is limited and temporary – because no fences are permanent. With time, all fences do break down. And understanding this may influence the fences you yourself build or do not build in your own life.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-087-5


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