My First Red Sox Game

by Christine Connelly

A Children’s Illustrated Story About Red Sox Butterflies:

7 year old Sarah’s goes to her First Red Sox Game with Dad and thinks; can I do it? This lyrical and epic poetic storytelling about a father and daughter’s love of baseball and a child’s impossible dream is full of baseball excitement written in rhythmic Baseball Hip Hop Haiku. The story quickly moves to the “crack” of the bat, which is music to her ears. Sarah struggles to maintain her hope, optimism and perseverance in spite of her fears during her overwhelming and eye popping journey. The reader is transported to Fenway Park, home of the World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox and experiences this epic day through Sarah’s eyes, ears and fears. This thoroughly immersive one day memoir is filled with wonderment and awe in a land where dreams come true. But looming every moment of the day lurk the archvillains of baseball, Thunder & Lightning blasting and flashing away rumbling to their own beat with the smell of defeat; a splish,,, a splash.. a pitter a patter getting a whole lot madder and who’s going to be the winner of that battle?

So Sarah finally arrives at Fenway Park’s pearly gate and slowly looks up; eyeballing the tall wall brick, by, brick then she blinks thinks and shrinks; the wall is so tall, can I do it?

Even Wally the Green Monster is here rooting for the Home Team, with an inspiring shout-out! Did you or your child solve the puzzle of his shout out? Look again, it’s there.


My First Red Sox Game

Crack, the ball just flew my way

I caught the baseball!

Haiku is a proven, historical and universal way for educators to teach kids reading and writing with counting for phonetics and syllabification. The book is a learn to read tool and entertains while teaching kids about baseball.
ISBN: 978-1-62086-872-0


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