Karis & Brook Stories: Lakeside Friends: A Story About Cancer

A. B. Namy

Brook doesn’t know why his friend Joel can’t play with him at the lake, like they usually do. When he learns that the reason is Joel’s cancer diagnosis, he has even more questions. Thanks to some ants and his quick-thinking Mom, Brook comes to understand the circumstances in his own way, and he even comes up with a creative way to spend some lake time with Joel.

Using real-life analogies to explain complex circumstances, the Karis & Brook series seeks to assist adults in structuring conversations with children. By utilizing the principles of Encounter, Educate, and Encourage, these books begin memorable and lasting conversations that go beyond the pages of the story, while recognizing and inspiring others.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-597-6


Imprint: Mascot Kids
SKU: 04-2784-01
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