Super Girl Azalee

by Shameeka Spann

Azalee is a young girl raised in a single-parent home by her mother and other female relatives. She struggles with low self-confidence because she feels like she does not fit in. Azalee pays so much attention to what she doesn’t, have that she forgets that she is a wonderful girl. She has amazing family members and friends who try to get her to see her value.

In Super Girl Azalee, the heroine is anxious about the first day of second grade because she is scared that kids will tease her for not being like them. Azalee also faces a bigger obstacle: bullying. With the aid of her loved ones, she rises up against her bullies and finally learns her value. This story is about the ties between family and friends, and how these bonds can make profound changes on our lives for the better. This book also encourages young people to hone skills of self-confidence at all ages.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-318-7


Imprint: Mascot Kids
SKU: 04-2231-01
Categories:Friendship, Mascot Kids, Values