Charlotte and the Prince’s Pancakes

by Mary Zeger
Once upon a time, a young prince was craving some of the softest, buttery pancakes in the kingdom for his wants them for his birthday breakfast – and of course he wants them piping hot! So, the local baker sends his daughter to bring the kingdom’s highest stack of pancakes to the prince! Seems like a simple quest, right? But wait! There are problems along the route that Charlotte must confront and solve on her own merits. Will she be able to get the pancakes to the prince’s castle without dropping them? Open these pages and find out what happens to Charlotte and her impossibly high stack of delicious pancakes!

ISBN: 978-1-64543-621-8


Imprint: Mascot Kids
SKU: 04-2708-01
Categories:Fairytales and Folklore, Mascot Kids