The War At Home: Assault on Fordham Heights (Book 2)

by John McEveety Woodruff

Join the Prescott family: a bright and enigmatic mix of characters who struggle together, and pick their way through the different perilous minefields of Flushing, Queens, during the Vietnam War era. At the center of this story is a boy becoming a man, simultaneously surrounded and set ablaze by his unstable yet supportive family. Set in this tumultuous time of our nation’s history and peppered with vivid atmospheric nods to both the time and place, this is the second installment of The War at Home series, a timeless family saga that will reverberate in spirit for generations to come.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-620-4


Imprint: Mascot Books
SKU: 08-383-01
Categories:Historical Fiction, Mascot Books