Relationships at Work

How to Authentically Network within Your Company

In Relationships at Work, executive Rachel B. Simon shares her proven approach to demystify the art of networking. As a frequent speaker and panelist, Rachel offers her unique perspective with simple, yet often overlooked, tips to organically build relationships across departments and chains of command. Packed with over 200 examples, she outlines practical, tactical guidance for planting and nurturing the seeds of a reciprocal network, and enjoying the blossoms of success.

This book is for everyone who seeks broader and deeper relationships with their colleagues. It’s designed with a comprehensive list of strategies to form human connections and create a meaningful impact in the workplace. Readers will hold the power to improve the way they collaborate with coworkers, accomplish goals, and quite possibly change the trajectory of their careers.

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“Rachel B. Simon walks the walk in this unique spin on networking that doesn’t ask us to compromise our identities. The email templates and tips scattered throughout the book provide examples demonstrating that she can show as much as tell, and can lead us to a new way of thinking about how we can network and be ourselves at the same time.”—David Satchell, author of Extracting the Leader from Within

“At a time when more of us are starved for meaningful connection than ever, Rachel has put together a wealth of useful tips all of us can use to up our game when it comes to connecting and relating. Not only are her tips thoughtful for professional networking, but the many real examples she provides are useful tools for us to navigate connecting and networking in many different contexts in our own, authentic way.”—Andrew Blotky, author of Honestly Speaking: How the Way We Communicate Transforms Leadership, Love, and Life

“The thought of networking can paralyze, or it can catapult your career. You decide. In today’s disconnected and fragmented business world, Simon teaches you ‘the goods’ on how authentic relationships (even virtually) can be your most powerful currency yet.”—Paul Epstein, former NFL and NBA business executive; bestselling author of The Power of Playing Offense

Relationships at Work is a must-read for anyone who needs to navigate and thrive in any organization, whether it’s a fast-growing start-up, a multinational, or something in between. Simon has done invaluable work here that so many people inside a company can use: new hires, mid-career folks, managers—and even executives. Her many examples of emails to write, situations to navigate, and checklists will help anyone who wants to succeed at their job (and really, life itself).”—Karen Wickre, bestselling author of Taking the Work Out of Networking

“This is so much more than a book to help you approach networking with more ease and confidence—even as an introvert! This book is a practical guide to help you create, foster, and deepen meaningful and inclusive relationships at work so you can build a rewarding and results-driven career.”—Kelli Thompson, leadership coach, speaker, and author of Closing the Confidence Gap

Rachel B. Simon

Executive, AT&T

Rachel B. Simon is an executive at AT&T, one of the world’s largest companies and most recognizable brands. She began her remarkable career as a college hire from the University of Texas and has served in key roles in privacy, finance, and customer care for almost three decades. As a popular speaker, she brings to life the importance of meaningful relationships and the power of internal networking for increased job and personal satisfaction. A consistent theme of her career has been mentoring, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion and she has helped countless others expand their limiting beliefs around fulfillment, balance, and success in the workplace. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Jason, and is the proud mom to her two children, Abigail and Ethan.