Where the Shadows Dance

It would be simple to say that Dana Killion's debut memoir concerns a marriage—yet, marriage is merely the stage setting. Killion digs into the things we do for love and the things we pursue due to that very love. She also explores how love can simultaneously break and rescue us, and how the most crucial kind of love is the one we have for our own selves. In this blunt, unforgettable narrative of the pain that addiction and lies can cause, Where the Shadows Dance is an empowering treatise for all women who have relegated themselves to the background when another's needs seemed to eclipse her own.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-641-2
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Dana Killion



Growing up in Wisconsin, Dana Killion developed a curiosity for the world beyond the confines of small-town life, finding inspiration in the intrepid explorer, Nancy Drew. Dana’s thirst for more exhilarating pastures led to a career in the apparel industry, and eventually, back to her love of story. She created a mystery series based on the long-lived desire to shed light on shadows. The series renders a journey through crime and corruption countered by her protagonist’s ability to confront deceit.

Now, Dana presents her first memoir. A story born of a life in turmoil, a situation where the only way through was to write it. And as she wrote, the themes in her personal trauma became clear and loud and screamed for attention because they are the themes of many women, not just women with an addict in her life, but women who have been silent and who have set aside their truth for the benefit of another. Women ready to find the strength and solace Dana has found through her own re-invention. 

Dana currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her kitty, Isabel, happily avoiding snow and mending her heart.