The Virtue Proposition

Five Virtues That Will Transform Leadership, Team Performance, and You

Virtues generate success.

Virtuous leaders, virtue-grounded teams, and virtue-led organizations raise performance. The Virtue Proposition details how. 

Sig Berg, founder of the Severn Leadership Group, explores what’s lacking from traditional leadership, with its focus on the rules and rituals of boardrooms and c-suites, and from iconoclastic leadership, which encourages you to move fast and break things. Neither of these approaches prioritizes virtues, and neither has, nor ever will, lead to sustainable, superior results.

There is a courageous third way: virtuous leadership. Virtues will lift you and your organization on a path toward long-term achievement and meaning. The Virtue Proposition is full of actionable insights and practices focused on Virtue Intelligence (VQ) that instills purpose to leaders of character, embracing the Five Virtues of love, integrity, truth, excellence, and relationships. Individuals trained to high VQ become agents of transformation in their domains and especially within their organizations and teams.

This book is for change-makers. It is meant to reach men and women who notice the absence of virtues and know they can make a difference by seeking that third way. If you want to be a catalyst to shape healthy families, communities, and government for the common good, embrace the power of virtuous leadership now.

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“This is a book every CEO needs to read and a must for leaders in all walks of life. Berg explains how virtues like honor, high standards, and accountability lead to better results, outcomes, and engaged people.” —Horst Schulze, co-founder and president, Ritz-Carlton Hotels

“Sig Berg’s background as a nuclear submariner shines through in his thoughtful and unique book, which probes the balance required to get results by committing to team-building and virtues-driven leadership. A must-read!” —Bruce Engelhardt, rear admiral, U.S. Navy (retired)

“With stories, case examples, and considerable action steps, The Virtue Proposition spends its time telling us both why and how to grow as a leader of character and virtue. The Virtue Proposition is both remarkable and more important than ever.” —Hile Rutledge, president and principal consultant, Otto Kroeger Associates

“It takes a unique person to write a leadership book like this. This is a blueprint for leadership at every level, but I especially recommend it as essential reading for those who strive for virtues-based leadership of teams with exceptional missions.” —Geraldine Taber, vice president, Small Molecule Portfolio Group, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer

“This leadership book is different. It focuses on the often-ignored ingredients of becoming a transformative leader—virtues. This includes the novel concept of loving the people you lead. Developing behaviors and actions grounded in the virtues set forth in this book is the key to achieving extraordinary organizational results.” —Ray L. Steinmetz, projects executive, ExxonMobil (retired)

“Great lessons on virtuous leadership and teaming are captured here. If you want to be a difference-maker in your organization, read this book, commit to the virtues of leadership, align your actions, and develop great teams. It is a proven roadmap for continued success.” —John Mahoney, PMP, president/chief operating officer, High Expectations International, LLC

“My entire team utilizes the five virtues daily. Having a common language about leadership and how to support our internal and external customers has made us an even stronger marketing organization.” —Lisa Datka, chief marketing officer, Early Learning Academies

“Whether you are a new team leader or an experienced executive who has been leading teams for years, The Virtue Proposition will speak to your soul. With his wit and inspirational stories, Berg unlocks the essence of what every leader CAN and MUST DO in a world that so desperately needs courageous leaders who step up. Virtue Intelligence is the key!” —Julie Campbell, president and CEO, Severn Leadership Group

Sig Berg

Chair and Founder, Severn Leadership Group

Sigval (Sig) Berg is chairman and founder of the Severn Leadership Group (SLG), Annapolis, Maryland, which for over a decade has influenced the character of leadership across a variety of industries, government, and the armed forces, just as Berg has done his whole career.

He has been a nuclear submarine commander in the U.S. Navy and held executive and educational positions in the nuclear industry. Berg has a master of divinity degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary and has served as a church pastor. He has also taken part in the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.

Berg’s passion, as shown through SLG and The Virtue Proposition, is to create a space for catalyzing transcendent, virtuous cultures that accelerate team performance and multiply their impact.