The Money Playbook: The Professional Athlete’s Guide to Building Lifelong Wealth

Pro athletes are in a unique situation. They have a shot clock ticking down the time until retirement more quickly than nonathletes do. The Money Playbook offers athletes a way to enjoy their post-career days just as much as their playing days.

Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper brings his comprehensive knowledge of wealth management to the table in this practical guide for financial planning. Tepper knows that pro athletes likely don’t have unlimited resources, and he wants to help them make what they have count—even after the final whistle gets blown. From the up-and-comer to the sunsetting veteran, all pro athletes need to plan in advance for the time when they no longer suit up.

Chock-full of interviews with pro athletes and techniques such as DIET (discipline, investments, education, and team), The Money Playbook is a practical guide for athletes on how to build an enjoyable lifestyle both during and after their playing days.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-932-5
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