Reimagining Blue

Thoughts on Life, Leadership, and a New Way Forward in Policing

Reimagining Blue is a passionate and personal look into a misunderstood profession from the vantage point of female police chief Kristen Ziman.

Ziman credits her colorful childhood for the temperament that led her to gravitate towards policing, a profession where chaos is all in a day’s work. She learned life and leadership lessons through the revelation of what not to do.

But nothing could have prepared Kristen for the turmoil that would unfold during her tenure. A pandemic, mass shooting, and civil unrest that threatened the trusting relationship between her department and her community would become her greatest professional challenges.

This deeply moving memoir is a story of resilience and perseverance in policing—and in life. It’s a raw and candid portrayal told by a flawed human about a noble profession suffering an identity crisis. Reimagining Blue is an urgent call to find a way forward, not because the system is broken, but because it can always be better.

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“Kristen Ziman’s Reimagining Blue is a compelling story of one woman’s passion for the police profession. In vivid and personal detail she tells of her inspiring journey from a teenage cadet to police chief of Aurora, Illinois, where she faced her greatest challenge: responding to Illinois’s worst mass shooting. There are eighteen thousand police chiefs in the United States. Fewer than five hundred are women. Kristen helped smash the glass ceiling that held so many women back in the profession. After reading this book, you’ll understand how she achieved a career of significance in her chosen profession.”—BILL BRATTON, Former New York City police commissioner

“Kristen Ziman beautifully captures the emotional gamut in this powerful masterpiece. She isn’t afraid to detail her personal journey from a teen cadet to overseeing the response to Illinois’s worst mass shooting in her own city. Reimagining Blue underscores the importance and significance of law enforcement officials and first responders while acknowledging the room for growth and improvement. With encouragement, positive reinforcement, and tough love, Kristen shows us all how to enact meaningful change through the mantra ‘Be Better.’ This book is just a ‘next step’ in Kristen’s journey . . . I know she will continue to change the world. Kristen is a powerful female role model who inspires everyone.”—ANDREA DARLAS, Chicago news anchor and reporter, WGN-TV

“Chief Ziman gives us an unflinching view into modern policing. Her story is unexpectedly riveting, and will undoubtedly shine a light for those wanting to know more about the human behind the badge.”—SYLVIA MOIR, Former police chief of El Cerrito, California, and Tempe, Arizona

“Chief Kristen Ziman has written a clear, compelling, and challenging book. As the daughter of a cop and a leader of cops, she is helping America make a positive difference.”—REV. DR. DERWIN L. GRAY, Author of How to Heal the Racial Divide

Kristen Ziman

Former Chief of Police in Aurora, Illinois

Since she was a little girl, Kristen Ziman wanted to be a cop. When Kristen joined the ranks, she knew she had found her tribe, and she devoted herself to becoming an asset to her profession. She rose through the ranks and became the first female lieutenant, commander, and police chief in the history of her department.

Although she is now retired from the force, Kristen is still passionate about policing, and believes the men and women who wear the uniform provide the best examples of selflessness. Her work explores her former profession while chronicling the colorful journey of life and leadership that taught her so many lessons.

Kristen lives in Naples, Florida, where she is following her personal mission to help elevate people and organizations and to thwart the next mass shooting through prevention and preparation. Learn more at