Mental Health Warrior

A True Story of Suicide and Survival After 9/11

In this true story of resilience and courage in the face of devastation, we meet Cliff Bauman, a volunteer emergency responder dispatched to the Pentagon on September 11th. His subsequent battles with PTSD, survivor’s grief, and suicide are the heart of this moving chronicle which also speaks to the wider, evolving crisis of mental health in a post-9/11 world. In the deft hands of Dr. William Kammerer, Cliff’s narrative reminds us of the human cost of terrorism, our ability to overcome adversity, and the way that therapy, psychology, and group support have the power to change lives for the better.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-418-0
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William Kammerer

Forensic Psychologist and Prevention Expert

William D. Kammerer is a forensic psychologist, Commissioned Army National Guard Officer and 21-year military veteran, and a former Army Suicide Prevention Program Manager of five years. He gained insight about suicide prevention from many special assignments, and utilized his background as a forensic psychologist to review investigation documents to determine the priorities Army leadership should focus on to stop suicide in its ranks. He met, traveled, and worked with CW4 (Retired) Clifford (Cliff) Bauman during a 6-month special assignment for the Army. While attending a “lived-experience” discussion panel at an American Association of Suicidology (AAS) conference, he realized the importance of Cliff’s story and was inspired to bring it to a broader audience through a book. William is married with three children and is currently a research psychologist in the DC area. A Dostoyevsky enthusiast, he also enjoys classic cars, retro computers, and coaching his kids’ sports teams.

Clifford Bauman

Veteran, Podcast Host, and Motivational Speaker

Clifford W. Bauman is a 34-year Army Veteran and an internationally known motivational speaker. As a survivor of an attempted suicide, he realizes the importance of getting counseling and having a strong support structure. Cliff hosts his own podcast, The Mental Health Warrior, on Veteran Trash Talk and Wreaths Across America Radio, and has published articles in USA Today, Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Times, GX Magazine, Newsliner, National Guard Association Magazine, Huffington Post, and RallyPoint. Cliff believes that “Life Promotion” is the best suicide prevention.