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March Employee Spotlight: Jenna Scafuri, Senior Production Editor

This month, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on one of our senior production editors, Jenna Scafuri, who brings nearly fifteen years of experience in editing and publishing to our team.

Jenna’s passion for the written word is evident in her work, where she advocates for authors and ensures that their unique voices are reflected in their prose. At Amplify, Jenna enjoys guiding authors through every step of production and demystifying the publication process along the way.

Describe your role at Amplify Publishing Group:

Jenna: You can think of me as a project manager. Once an author has officially signed on to publish their book with APG, I step in to guide them through every step of the production process. I oversee everything from writing and editing to design and layout, and eventually printing.

What’s one thing that surprised you about your position?

Jenna: Every day is different! Every book is unique and every author has their own perspective to offer. Some days I may be more focused on editing dust jackets or reviewing printer proofs, while other days are spent brainstorming creative cover designs and working with illustrators. This position truly requires you to wear all the hats, which is endlessly engaging.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Jenna: During my nearly three years at APG, I have personally guided more than 130 books through production. Seeing my authors succeed and encountering their books out in the world is just pure joy. Every time I hold a newly printed book in my hands, I’m reminded that our books are the author’s dream come to life—an accomplishment I get to experience over and over again.  

What are you currently reading?

Jenna: Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab. I love poetry and have been captivated by Amanda Gorman since her inauguration reading. I think Addie LaRue is truly a modern classic, and I’m actually reading it for the second time! I’m currently in a bit of a fiction rut, and whenever that happens, I love returning to my favorites.

What is something you’ve learned in the last week?

Jenna: There are many bakers who claim to make authentic French macarons, but there’s currently only one person in the world who holds the right to manufacture the original Saint-Emilion recipe that dates back to 1620—Nadia Fermigier—and I’ll be visiting her famous shop in France this summer!

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